I’m the Map!

Each Day of the week is presented with something special

Myth Busters Monday

  • It’s MYTH BUSTING TIME!! Mondays are all about crazy scientific experiment of your favorite fiction scenes. We’re here to brighten up your Mondays with explosions,  beheading, home operations and much more. Myth Busters Monday will bring you one getting one step closer to living *or busting* you life long dream of living as one of the fictional characters.

Tricky Tuesday

  • Tuesdays a extremely tricky. It’s not special day, but it’s always mentioned, be it on shows (Supernatural’s Mystery Spot), books (Tuesdays with Morrie), songs (Ruby Tuesday) and the list can go on. But why no take this tricky day and make it productive as well? Tricky Tuesdays would mean D.I.Y. projects. From vinyl album display racks to your own little “fairy lamp”, it’ll be a day full of nicks and cuts.

Wacky Wednesday

  • Every body must agree, Wednesdays are random. So, Wacky Wednesday will be the random blog post about anything under the geek and nerd sun. Be it the latest science news or dorky fashion, you’ll find a mix and match of everything under this roof.

Throwback Thursday

  • Nope, we are not posting selfies of ourselves from last year, but rather, we’ll go back far more. Throwback Thursday will be the history edition of Myth Busters Monday. We’ll explore if the historical contents, tidbits and trivia mentioned in our fandoms are accurate. We’ll poke into the deepest, darkest secrets of history to find out what went wrong, both in time and in our fictional worlds.

Favorite Friday

  • Favorite Fridays will probably be my favorite. Seriously though. Who does not love Fridays? Especially when it is filled with my top favorite chapters, quotations, episodes, and on and on. It will be a day of reviewing, gushing and ranting about my favorite, and least favorite things in the fandoms. Be ready for long posts, thousands of gifs, endless criticizing, and crazy fan girling.

Solo Saturday

  • A Saturday report on why I am single. BECAUSE FICTION CHARACTER’S PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS THAT IS. Be is their ever perfect hair, their dreamy blue eyes, or badass husky voice, fictional characters have own our hearts. Well, I’ll be dedicating my Solo Saturdays reporting characters, giving trivia, drawing conclusions, and try to scientifically explain these perfect creatures. Saturdays would also include top ten character lists, shippings or anything that has to do directly with the characters themselves.

Senti Sunday

  • This would be the 2am conversations of my blog. Things that pokes just too deep down that hurts just remembering. Quotations that will last us a life time. Fiction realizations that makes us cringe. Senti Sunday is here to make you cry. It will probably be the only sentimental posts in my blog, so do enjoy the emotions you probably would not be getting any where else.

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