What is a Geekdom you ask?

I’m not too sure either. But it’s a babble I coined by simply and unfashionably mixing the words “geek” and “fandoms” together. In short, it is the never ending list of fictional worlds I, as a geek, had fell in love with. If you are curious what Tv shows, books, movies and other fictional media this blog would cover, you came to the right place. As any certified geek, the list is a ongoing list. It’ll probably never end, and continue growing over the years.




Tv shows




Dr. Who

Breaking Bad





Sherlock Holmes




Books and Comics

Sherlock Holmes


Legal Drug

The Thin Executioner

XXX Holic

Divine Comedy


Hunger Games



The Book of Enoch


F.A.Q. on my geekdoms


Maybe I did, and I might not have liked it. Sorry Potter Heads. Maybe I still haven’t had the time. You’re up next Game of Thrones. Some are still in my must continue after season 1, episode 3 list. I’ll get back to you, Walking Dead. But mostly, I tend to obsess with one fandom per media. Though I do enjoy the other shows, books, movies, etc… and I’m definitely open for suggestions and requests.

How come you read the ___ but haven’t watched it? or vice versa?

Aside from the reason that I get to do what I like, it’s actually more on a “I liked the book/movie, but not it’s adaptation/original.” I usually do read or watch the counterparts, just that not all of them fall under my geekdom. Though I’m guilty that I still have not read the original Avengers comic book…. oops.

What attracts you to a fandom?

For me, it’s definitely the characters. Though I do love the subtexts a LOT as well, it would be nothing with out a vivid, unique character whom I can analyze and try to understand. With some honesty, the plot is very secondary to me since anything can be interesting as long as their characters are. After all, what fun is a world with out humans and their mysteries?


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