It’s Easter Sunday around the world, and Senti Sunday in my blog. I knew this post had to be something extra especially and sad, preferably a topic that could be related to Easter Sunday. Though my original plan before I realize the occasion for today’s post was Sherlock Holmes, I decided another Supernatural discussion wouldn’t hurt. After all, what fiction covers sacrificial death and resurrection as good as the bible than Supernatural? After deciding on the fandom, I was contemplating on whose death I should talk about. Obviously, Bobby had the most dramatic death scene, which left most of us sobbing. But unfortunately, he isn’t back with us, which would beat the purpose of this post. Though Sammy’s 2nd death in the Swan Song (5.22) would have been ideal, it just hasn’t sentimental enough. It was one of those deaths where the characters were too busy saving their own ass and the world to feel the lost and grieve. I needed a death that was sacrificial, dramatic and would be proven wrong. I needed….


S.S. Sammy Showdown; Sabriel vs. Samifer

Sammy has always been my all-time favorite character ever since Pilot (1.1). So obviously, my first Solo Saturday had to be about him. Though I originally was planing to go for a complete character profile and analysis, I have decided to save that for later, and spice things up in this post. So today, we will discuss hot, sexy slash shippings of Sam with hottest angels on earth (well, heaven and hell as well actually, but you know.)

Samuel C. Winchester is definitely one of the best lovers in the show. If we can look past the fact that everyone he ever loved or loved him dies, he is a sweet, caring, emphatic, smart, good-looking, righteous and an agreeable character. Though he can use some anger management class, that’s the reason we ship him with two of the most powerful angels in the universe; Gabriel and Lucifer.


Sam is the submissive one in any relationship, romantic or not. Be it with Jessica, Dean, or Ruby, he is an obedient puppy whose main goal is to please his master. He may not act like it (or at least he hides it in the latter seasons), but beneath all those muscles, he is a big softy who frequently gets lost. So that’s where Gabriel and Lucifer come in. We, the fandom, know by heart that Sam was meant to be with those two. Just that we haven’t decided which among the two he belongs with. I realized that I would have to decide on a shipping before I go insane.

The reason it’s so hard to decide on a pair must be because Gabe and Luci aren’t all that different. Both Gabriel and Lucifer are the controlling sort. Quite obviously, they both like to be in charge and play god (literally actually). So if Sam is looking for a master, he will get one by being with them. Though there is a possibility of Sam burning out if the angels do not lay it back a bit, over all, they the perfect angels to guide Sam through the relationships. They obviously are both obsessed with Sam, but who wouldn’t be? However, it is sweet to watch how they try so hard for Sammy’s sake, in their own little ways. Be it through Mystery Spot (3.11) or Swan Song (5.22), we can see how they care so much for the giant Winchester and really, truly wants the best for him. They do have a sick, twisted way of expressing their love, but Sam is the type that is willing to look past the technicalities and gently show them how it is to really show love. Having said that, Sam is just too serious and tensed up. This makes him go well with these playful angels, who can teach him a thing or two about having fun. Let’s just hope that this time, they’ll allow him some rest in between.

Having run through the similarities, we can now analyze the differences.

Let’s start with our trickster, Gabriel. Gabriel is loads of fun. He enjoys enjoying like no one else, to the point of making it his career after running away from heaven. He is the type of partner who could always find ways to ease the mood up, which Sam seriously needs. He’s sensitive and can easily read people, though he prefers to use it against them in a “funny” trick. But the ability itself is something Sam would appreciate, being so sensitive and empathetic himself. He needs someone who can understand why he feels that way, and Gabriel got it covered. When it comes to the brains, Gabe ain’t a fool either. Sharp and cunning, he can match Sam’s intellect, be it in a prank off or just a causal debate. If anything, Gabe is a lot like Dean. His style, sense of humor or his way of affection is a lot like the older Winchester, probably another reason why Sam seems to fit right along side him. But unlike Dean, Gabe has his romantic sweet side, which Sam could enjoy. As for Gabriel, Sam wouldn’t mind giving his portion of dessert, making them a perfect couple.

Though he seems like an angel who could not care less, Gabriel is righteous by heart. He wants peace more than anything, and even bailed out of heaven to avoid all the fighting. The ideals and morals of Sam and Gabe a similar in many ways, though Gabe is overall more flashy and easygoing. All they want in their life is to fit in, and move on. Something they can do together. But as we all know, Gabe isn’t an angel to just sit at the sidelines. He’s an archangel, and a pretty badass one as well. Though having been under his personal “witness protection” for god knows how long, once he made up his mind to fight, he was one hell of a warrior with his wit, tricks and sheer power. He is something Sam can definitely use having around, knowing how Sam can’t stay out of trouble even for a night. Sam tends to be self-loathing, while Gabe loves himself from head to toe. Gabe can teach a lesson or two in accepting yourself, and being as frank as he is, he can finally show how amazing Sam is. Gabe  is an angel who can give Sam enough freedom be who he is, while bringing out the best in him.


But no one, even angels, is perfect, and Gabriel has his own flaws. To start with, Gabe ego plus Sam stubbornness spells disaster. Gabriel is one proud individual who would never back down to a challenge. He takes pride in himself and his style, and once his ego is targeted, he will strike hard and aggressively. Though Sam is sensitive enough to avoid such situation, in case he does get fed up with Gabe’s games, he would be too stubborn to back down as well. A fight between these two could go wrong in so many levels, and these overly sensitive couple would further get hurt at the idea that they fought. Secondly, Gabe’s style is just too different with Sam’s. Sure, Sam had dealt with the crude jokes, pointless pranks, and countless of flirting all his life, but it isn’t something he enjoys. If anything, Sam wants Dean to have some sense, and adding this senseless “stylish” angel to his life might just drive him mad. On the other hand, Sam will also pull Gabriel down, preventing him from completely enjoying himself. Though a leash on Gabe might be a great idea, it just is not possible. Gabriel is a free soul, a rebel even before we knew angels could rebel. He needs his fun, but a typical trickster style prank would definitely boil down to an unhappy couple. When Sam would want to be curled up with a book, Gabe would want to be out partying. An ideal date for Sam might be a quiet picnic, while Gabe would definitely go for the strip club. There is just no way these two could agree on something, unless a huge sacrifice is made by the other.

That’s why Luci is here. Lucifer is more toned down in his manners, preferring class over style. He is still easy-going and fun, and has that crude sense of humor that can make anything a joke. Even then, Luci would prefer an evening date at a 5 star hotel over a crowded dance floor, which suits Sam’s taste just fine. They would both enjoy a fancy dinner over the candle lights, with a civil debate on why the world does or doesn’t have to end.Lucifer is a smooth talker, who is agreeable as long as he is calm and in his senses. He is the type that can make the world ending seem like a good thing (literally), and Sam can use some encouraging in lots of things, for example, his self-worth. He is smart and cunning as the devil should be, which can be good and bad at the same time. As long as Sam can check on Luci to make sure he isn’t scheming to wipe out humanity, Luci’s intellect can be extremely attractive to Sam. Lucifer is the angel that would appreciate Sam’s geeky side, without being too geeky himself. Once Luci is interested, he is mature, dedicated and passionate. He would do anything under and over the sun to achieve his goal.


Though Lucifer generally not the sympathetic type, no one knows Sam better than him, especially since he rode Sam’s ass to hell. (Yep, that came out wrong.) Luci understands Sam better than anyone else in the world, and maybe even knows the sides of Sam that he himself doesn’t.  Unlike Dean who doesn’t know how Sam works, just how Sam is, Luci knows what makes Sam ticks.  Though he can and does use this against Sam, it can be of a great advantage as well. Being stubborn, Sam needs someone who can play him along with out himself even knowing. As long as given enough attention, Lucifer would use his knowledge and power over Sam for Sam’s own good. He can be gentle and sympathetic when he wants to be, which Sam could use having around. Growing up in a rough, “deal with your own emotions” kind of environment, having someone to baby him might be a great change. He has enough spunk to match Sam’s own, and they both would understand each others acts of rebel. But unlike Sam who wants to fit in, Lucifer knows how to shine. Luci can make Sam understand it’s a great thing to be different, and maybe even teach him how to use it to his advantage. A relationship between these two would be passionate, smart, easy-going and classy.

Sadly, as perfect as Lucifer seems, he still is the Devil. Lucifer can be self-righteous, which can drive the righteous Sam mad. A heated discussion on humanity can turn ugly. A fight between these two might end up with a dead Sam, Lucifer being impulsive and hot-headed. Don’t worry, with a snap of a finger, Luci can bring Sam back to life, and start working on lifting his mood. As the older brother of Gabriel, his tricks can be a lot worse than the younger angel. It could drive Sam crazy, and it kind of did in season 7. Lucifer is controlling with a capital C, and can suffocate Sam if not careful. He wants everything his way, and Sam could not do anything about it. He is also jealous and possessive, and needs attention 24/7. This is not something I’m sure if Sam can provide, and once he does fail to do so, it will cause him a lot. The last time Sam didn’t provide enough attention to Luci almost got him killed. Though not as proud as they claim him to be, Lucifer still has an ego not to be messed with. A showdown between dedicated Lucifer and stubborn Sam would not be a pretty sight, though it won’t be a regular occurrence as well.

Be it Sabriel or Samifer, they both work wonders. Both angels complements our moose, and are powerful enough to be this trouble maker’s guardian angels. Even in canon, they care a lot for Sam, and in fanfics, they do much more *winks*. Though both can be a destructive relationship if handled carelessly, they can also improve Sam in ways no one else can.

I personally still haven’t decided between Sabriel and Samifer. Never the less, I’m praying that both Lucifer and Gabriel will still have their roles in the episodes to come. Sam deserves that happy ending unheard of in Supernatural, and either Lucifer or Gabriel can provide it.

Which ship are you rooting for? Do you believe in the sweet, idealistic Sabriel where they complement each other, or in passionate, classy Samifer, where they are as good as one?


Meta Fiction

Before you start reading, please be warned. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please come back after watching it. If you’re wondering why, it’s simple. It’s filled with spoilers.  I wouldn’t be sending you back if it was the classic spoilers, such as “Gabe is actually dead.”, but rather, this is a post filled with details and gifs. I’ll practically be running you through the whole episode, so please come back after watching. I would not want to deprive you from enjoying such an amazing yet annoying episode.

As any firsts, be it your first kiss or your first dog, my first Favorite Friday post seems to be extra special. I was originally planing to discuss my all time favorite episode in the TV series Supernatural, After School Special (4.13). But when I saw the latest episode, Meta Fiction (9.18), I knew I just can not delay a blog on this episode.

Meta Fiction was special in many ways. It was one of those episodes that we, as fans, were excited about by just watching the promo. I was especially thrilled since it was being aired on April 15, my birthday. Further more,  this episode was aired two weeks after its previews episode (which by the way was another exciting episode, being Misha’s debut as a director and all), giving it a painful but delicious wait. Once I viewed the promo (and had to admit, I did more than once), I was practically dying for the episode for several reasons.Both my first and my second reason are shown in this picture.

promo 1

What’s so exciting about this picture? Well, first, as I mentioned, the airing date. Second, but more importantly, you can clearly see the word “Gabriel” in it. Yes. Gabriel. Our Gabriel. Who was only featured 4 times, but have completely won our hearts. The Archangel whom we patiently have been waiting for 4 seasons to make a come back, and pronounce himself alive and kicking. The Gabriel who secretly was my biggest crush in the whole show (don’t worry Sam and Cas. I still love you guys). So when I saw his name, I was screaming. It made me question so many things (please be reminded, this was two weeks before the air date). Will Gabe FINALLY make a come back? What in the world is The Horn of Gabriel? Why in Gabriel’s name is it not April 15 yet?

I was not even able to sleep on the night of the 14th. Call me crazy, but I was buzzing with excitement for this episode. Once the episode started, I was grinning with in the first minute. By now, you’ll be raising a quizzical brow, since we all remember, all you saw with in the first minute was Metatron. Not exactly a panty dropper nor a likable character. So why was I so amused?


That’s why. They have actually admitted and recognized all the subtexts in the show, and in the most suggestive way possible. Though I already knew all those innuendos were intended, and the subtexts meant, actually hearing the acknowledgement of their existence from the mouth of an official character on air was just different. It meant so much in such little words. If that was not exciting enough, Metatron was talking directly to us, the audience.  With in a minute, this episode has just gave their fans hope that all the things in their imagination MIGHT be happening behind the screen, in the fantasy world of Supernatural. Being a huge fan of subtexts, this just meant so much to me. I had to blink twice, and take a few seconds to absorb that actually just happened. They had acknowledged all their improper lines and told us “we meant what we said”.

Once I was finally over the subtext, with in seconds, I was grinning like a fool again. why? They had an amazing opening.


At first, they had the classic  season 9 opening with the burnt wings and their title in all caps. But what followed it was a first in the show. A pair of white wings flashed, with the word Metatron in front of it. It was obviously parallel to the burnt wings, giving us the idea that those were the wings of Metatron, the only Angel currently with an unharmed pair of wings. Aside from it being a neat opening, it was extremely interesting. The show never showed us our angels with their wings, aside from their shadows. We had no idea what it looked like, much less the details. I sometimes even forgot  they had a pair of those. Not only were we reminded that even Supernatural angels have wings, but they even showed us what it looked like. It was a gift to the fans to a whole new level.

Then we got to see Dean showering. Admittedly, Jesen Ackles is the hottest actor in the show. No arguments, no matter whose fan you are. I personally am a Minion, but would have to say Jesen bags the hot department. So a shower scene was more than welcomed. Then right on cue, walks Cas in. Great. Really. No sarcasm. This episode contains Cas! Though his existence in the show brings a frown to some fans, just seeing his face makes me smile.  But what followed next was made me a raised my eyebrow. Cas rips his trench coat (which btw I hate. His new tench coat is just not the same.), which was out of character. Though Cas is awkward and lost, he isn’t clumsy. That is more of Sam’s department. When he practically wrecked the convenience store he was working in, it was understandable since he did not understand how those machines worked. But simply walking by and ripping is trench coat, especially the inner lining, was not only impossible, but was not Cas. If that was not upsetting enough, after examining the damage, Cas just shrugged and continued to walk. HE JUST SHRUGGED OFF A DAMAGE IN HIS COAT. I do not know about the others, but that definitely was not Cas. Though not exactly neat, Cas enjoyed a considerable amount of order and pattern. Still being an angel, he dislikes when something changes or went out-of-place. So being that controlling, and not to mention powerful, Cas would probably have snapped his finger and fixed the damage. Or at the very least, he would have been concerned and have mentally noted to mend it later on.

If you think things could not have gotten worse, it just did. He used a phone to take a picture. Sure, it’s convenient. Sure it’s reliable. Sure, we are living in the 21st century, where it is weird not to use a phone. But this is Castiel we’re talking about. The Castiel that does not get human reference, and needs to improve on his “people skills”. The Castiel that spilled the whole soda dispenser. The Castiel that does not understand the importance of personal space. Practically, being dorky was what made Cas so…. Cas. But in this episode, Cas went ahead and took a picture with his phone perfectly. No struggles, no awkward angles and no finger covering a portion of the picture. The writers of this episode had no idea and understanding of Castiel’s character at all.


Though I am not sure if it was due to my annoyance of the previews scene or not, but I felt that the angel that Cas talks to, Hannah, was a very poor actor.  She was supposed to be scared, but in my opinion, she did not sound scared enough. The distress in her voice was missing, not to mention the grief. All her companions have been killed, and she almost died as well, but she was talking   in a pretty confident tone, explaining the whole situation nicely. Even while complaining how confusing Earth was, she did not sound lost or confused. The best her tone gave was disgust, and a whimper here and there.

But as if it’s to make up for poor job done in the past few minutes, they have given us the best Destiel scene in ages. This moment was special, since it was the first interaction in several months between the hunter and his angel. But in the few seconds of the phone call, they have captured the bond, the connection, between these two.


Dean said one word over the phone. “Everything.” And in that moment, they shared everything. As they both half-smiled-half-smirked, they just clicked into place. Though they were miles away, they were as good as one. I watched this scene more than I would like to admit while smiling silly to myself. This was why I shipped these two. This was why everyone shipped these two. This was why we stay up until 5am voting polls and flooding twitter. It was an amazing moment, the type that makes your inside giddy and warm.

Up next, Casa Erotica 14. Cas’s confuse expression was a bliss. But as the girl said #CasaErotica, you just knew this was Gabriel. #AmIRight? By then, you were all excited and worked up, with nothing actually happening yet. Even with this tension though, Cas’s innocent “That’s inappropriate.” surely made you smile. As the girl slowly opens the door, and you hear the husky “hello.”, you screamed. At least I did. GABE WAS BACK. I’m sure that moment, the whole Supernatural fandom screamed in unison. I was literally jumping up and down screaming as Gabe playfully said “I’m gonna take that as a yes.” and snapped his finger. GABE WAS REALLY BACK. No amount of words could express the joy I felt as I heard Gabriel say “Please. You can’t take the trick out of the trickster.”. Not only was Gabe back, in character that I loved so much, but they were actually giving an explanation to him being alive. He was a bit more aggressive than usual, but he was still in character, which made him twice as hot. He was alive, kicking and he wanted in.


Sadly, just a few minutes later, you probably knew something was wrong. Dean was not picking his phone up. Weird. But before you can think any further, Gabe grabs the phone and makes you smile. His reference to Jesus made me laugh out loud. I know, favoritism, but whatever he said was hilarious. So for now, you let the uneasy feeling in your gut slide, and you enjoyed the moment. After all, he call Cas Dean’s “boy toy“. Another inappropriate subtext. Yep, forget Dean not answering the phone. Let me just goofily watch Dean’s boy toy and hot Jesus.

The car scene between Cas and Gabe was really great. Not only was it filled with Gabe’s typical jokes and puns, but the contrast between him and Cas was obvious. Cas’s seriousness was emphasized along side Gabe’s goof. Their differences were amusing to watch especially since Gabe goes ahead and explain how he and Cas are similar in the way that they are different from the rest. I extremely liked how Gabe reminded them they were rebels, and how Cas argues that he was just a soldier. The whole scene was a bliss of insights, jokes and contrast of my two all time favorite characters.

Sadly, their little trip to gas-n-sip was not as delicious. Well, the first part was, with Gabe’s jokes and direct contact with Cas’s face, but it just kinda got… off. Though it was extremely hot and sexy watching Gabe all that aggressive, it was just not him. You just knew something was wrong. First of all, why didn’t they just snap themselves out of the place? Even if Gabe was low of juice, I’m sure he had enough to fly them off to somewhere, anywhere. Secondly, Gabe was ready to die at the hands of lower angels. That was definitely not the ego filled Gabe who would find a way to out smart these lowlings.  And to make things worst, Cas was still not in character, readily accepting Gabe’s offer of ditching him and leading in his place. Cas is full of doubt and self loathe, just like a Winchester (well, he technically isn’t a Winchester, but you know.). It would take more than that to convince him to lead the angels, much more at the cause of Gabe’s life. He would rather risk facing those angels like a true Winchester, testing fate to its limit.


But at least we got this bro hug. Which in itself was weird and off as well, but it was heart warming and nice. This episode definitely started a new shipping, one I don’t think I would mind joining if I didn’t ship Destiel and Sabriel already. Though if we place our personal interests aside, this scene was very off. Gabe and Cas hugging was weird, and I never expected it to happen. A hand shake would have been more appropriate. They hugged with no hesitation what so ever. That threw me off even before Castiel noticed the missing rip in his coat. This scene was just too good to be reality.  Finally, Cas figures out this was not real. All these Gabriel deal was a dream of some sort, and he questions him. The moment when Cas stabs Gabe to prove that he isn’t real, my heart sank. Sure, I knew the moment Dean didn’t answer his phone, but it was different seeing it with my own eyes. I prayed I was wrong, but I wasn’t. Gabe made more jokes about the whole situation as I sat watching the whole scene grimly. Then, Cas asked the question in everyone’s mind. “Are you dead?”. Gabriel, our dear Gabriel, gave the worst possible response he can give, in his style.

gabe wiggle

A soft sad puppy eyes that could have made me cry, followed by his signature eyebrow wiggle. That second, I cursed the writer. Robbie Thompson, I hate you with all I got. Not only did he pronounce Gabriel dead, but he gave no hope of him ever showing up again, unless revived. But being dead this long, it is very unlikely. We have learned from past experience that those who would be brought back to life are usually brought back immediately. So by pronouncing Gabriel dead, he just killed all our hopes and dreams of ever seeing him again. All our fiction and imagination of Sam and Gabriel reuniting would never happen. This was end to our favorite trickster and archangel, Gabriel.

With a snap, Castiel ends up back to reality, tied up in a chair in Metatron’s study. Then Metatron asks a question we are all too familiar with. “What makes a story work?”. Then we realize the first question presented was not for us but rather, Castiel. Everything kind of fits into place, and it left me gawking at my screen. It was a trick they used in The Man Who Would Be King (6.20), but it was still just as interesting. It was a repeated but an effective directing trick, one I honestly would not want to see again.

Even in this episode, Gadreel was still a mysterious character. Through out the interrogation, he did not give up anything about himself, but rather, revealed more about our heroes. He elaborated how far gone Sam was,  and how messed up Dean was. As he provokes Dean to kill him, it makes you wonder if he agrees with his current life. He obviously isn’t happy, and his smirk at Metatron in the ending makes you wonder what he got under his sleeves. Even though he is currently acting as the main antagonist along side Metatron, he isn’t down right displeasing as Metatron is. He just leaves you cocking your head for answers.

Metatron on the other hand is doing an amazing job at being the antagonist. But unlike Zachariah or Raphael, who came out as a down right villain, Metatron is being portrayed differently. He sheer lack of physical involvement makes it hard to see him as a villain, and his fondness for Cas makes him kind of hard to hate. The worst I can say for Metatron is that he is annoying to an extremely degree, but he is one of those characters you know that would be ganked sooner than later. The moment he says “Because I can.” we knew that he was done for. As from  the wise words of Crowley, anyone who ever underestimates the Winchesters ends up screwed. But that wont be too much of a problem because we would all enjoy watching him burn, preferably over and over again.

Though in this episode, he did the unspeakable. He transferred all his knowledge of books, movies and all the references in the world to Cas. Cas, whose signature line is “I don’t get that reference”, would now get the reference. Sure they reassured us with a “I get the reference but don’t understand it.”,  but it would never be the same. Now every time Dean would make a movie reference, we would have to watch Cas understand, not be cute being awkwardly lost. Or in cases that a future writer forgets this ever happen, we would have a live through a “I don’t understand this reference.“, when he should. In one episode, they did no only destroy 1 angel, but 2. With this, the Cas we know would never be back again. Once again, I’m ready to dig your grave, Robbie Thompson.

What have you done?” would be the correct words for this episode. But directed at Dean, Cas’s words were filled with concern and frustration. His “Damn it Dean.” made my heart cringe, as his worry was obvious as the daylight. Though separated, their concern of each other didn’t falter at all. Sam seems to play the third wheel as always, but this time playing as the bridge connecting these two. It was great watching the friendship between Cas and Sam, and sweet how even then, Cas’s primary concern was Dean.

Though only three minutes of the show was left, I still got two more points to make.


As Cas walks into the dark room, with The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore playing in the back ground, you right away feel his despair. He rips down his wall, which makes you feel bad in a sad kind of way. His expression is grave, though it lightens up as he paints the sigil. Obviously, Cas was tired of this game he was playing, and was changing tactics. Though it was honestly unexpected and out of character for Cas to accept this duty as the leader, I personally found it fitting. We all expected Cas to never accept this role again, but he proved us wrong. I felt this moment was very similar to when Sam said yes to Luci. One of those moments where our hero goes with the plan, just to screw it up in its face and come out triumphant. It gave an unique flavor to the show, keeping our heads rolling. type

Just before the episode ends, it gives us another reason to further hate Metatron. HE SPELLS CASS WITH A DOUBLE S. Who spells Cas with a double “s”? It’s Cas, not Cass. This episode did a great job up until the end reminding us how annoying Metatron can be. I’m truly hoping he’ll suffer before he goes. Nope. It’s not JUST an extra s. He deserves to suffer…..

I was kind of disappointed how Gabe and Sam did not meet in this episode, being the first episode where Gabe is actually not in any ways involve or obsessing over Sam. At first, that kind of made me mad, especially since this might be the last episode Gabe would ever be in. I’m still a bit bitter about it, but then in the end, it was a great Gabe-Cas fiction. Lots of twists and turns, and I guess I can still hope the Sabriel would happen some far away day.

This episode was full of ups and downs, much more than I can name. Once I was done watching it, it was a mix of warm fluff and fiery annoyance. This episode worked- kind of- but at the expense of future episodes. It makes you curious what the show would bring you next, but also at the same time makes you realize nothing would ever be the same again. It was one of those episodes that makes us look back to the first few season and realize how far we came. This was an episode full of nostalgia (special thanks to Gabe showing up), suggestive smiles, hopeless sadness and glimpse of new hope.


  • Thumbs up to Thomas J. Wright for an amazing directing!
  • I hope you burn in hell for ruining our favorite angels, Robbie Thompson… But it was still great. That doesn’t change the fact that I hate you.
  • Gabriel was back, in character, and hotter than usual. I could get used to him being aggressive and controlling.
  • Cas was generally out of character which was extremely disturbing.
  • It had enough Destiel to make up for the months of depriving us from it.
  • The brothers had their own drama as always, but it was uneventful, and pretty boring. This was one of Cas’s episodes, which I accept gratefully with out complains.
  • Over all, it was one of those episodes where I hate it and love it at the same time. It did work with all its tricks, but it could have improved a lot in several areas.

How did you feel about this episode? Did Meta Fiction meet your expectations from start to bottom? And most importantly, do you think Gabe will have a come back in the future? -Rui

Drowning: the History of Blessing of Water

For today’s Throwback Thursday, let’s get wet!


Since summer is fast approaching, and a possible demon apocalypse as well, it would be just right to discuss one of our cooler best friend, the Holy Water.

In the TV show Supernatural, Holy Water is considered to be an essential. Not only does it kick demon ass, but it can save your life if you get stranded, locked or kidnapped. *Water is essential for survival, guys.* Our two brothers obsessively make sure that they got this pocket of godly nuke with them at all times.


Though we all agree their obsession is cute and cool at the same time, I’m sure it made you wonder, ‘What is IN that thing??’. Then the episode Salvation (1.21) reveals that it contains NOTHING but H2O and a 12 seconds long prayer. Yep, I counted. Now that it cleared up that the holy water contains nothing but… water, our next question will obviously be, “What makes it so special?”

Obviously, it must be the ritual. Rituals and spells in the Supernatural world contains unimaginable power, as we know by heart. If some blood written in squiggly Enochain can teleport angels, it isn’t surprising that a few latin words can turn our toilet water into demon acid.  Though the ritual varies per episode, most involves a rosary and a latin prayer. Though I suspect the rosary is mostly symbolic, the prayers on the other hand seem to have  a basis.

According to Super-WikiJohn’s blessing prayer was  “Exorcizo te creature acquae in nomine Deo, patris omnipotentis et in virtute Spiritu Sancti.”. Even with out a proper knowledge of Latin, we can guess that it is saying something like “I exorcise thee, creature of the water, in the name of God the omnipotent Father and in the virtue of the Holy Spirit.”. This is a modified version of the first line of the old Catholic blessing of the water which went “O water, creature of God, I exorcise you in the name of God the Father (+) Almighty, and in the name of Jesus (+) Christ His Son, our Lord, and in the power of the Holy (+) Spirit.” with each (+) queuing for a sign of the cross. For obvious reasons, the writers decided to leave Jesus Christ and the sign of the cross out of our television screen, but overall, it was a pretty accurate blessing… just not complete. 

Be it due to lack of time, or complications from religious organizations for mentioning the Holy Spirit in such a TV show, Bobby went ahead and further simplified the already modified prayer by omitting the Holy Spirit as well. He ended the 12 second prayer at it’s 9th second, ending at “Omnipotentis“. The water worked equally well in warding off demons, so we can conclude that the ritual doesn’t have to be completed as long as the water has been “blessed by God.”

Now that we are done discussing the technicalities of the show, let’s go to our real world. Though several religions all over the world use the holy water, actively it’s best known Catholic. But only in the latter part of early Christianity was it that the holy water was mentioned. We can hypothesis that it was not part of the original christian practices, just later added (rumored by Apostle Matthew) and further popularized. Through out history, the holy water was used for blessing houses, baptizing babies, and yes, kicking demon asses. Whether you actually believe that demons and the devil exist or not, the Catholic Church does. And since the Catholic Church is the group of people who actively exorcise demons, the holy water found its place being badass in real life as well.


Traditionally, the blessing ritual for the Catholics is long and in my opinion complicated. Before the reforms, the Roman rite required you salt, water and in some cases Psalm 103. The salt was blessed, then the water, and lastly, these to were mixed and blessed once more. Though it would have been originally in Latin, it is very acceptable to perform this rite in English or any other language, as well. A priest was required by the Catholic church to bless the water in this manner for it was an exorcism rite though no one can prevent you from doing it at home. The ritual is straight forward where the priest asks the blessing of god and for the ingredients to aid in purifying and exorcising things. The materials made sense as well, for not only is salt known for its purification purpose (and torturing demons based on tv), but  salt would have helped in preserving the water. By the mid 20th century, *to my dismay*, the salt was discarded from the rite, for it is believed to be from pagan origins and not necessary.

The modern Catholic blessing of water is no longer a priestly exorcism, but rather a simple blessing. Deacons are now allowed to bless water using the modern Roman rite. A short prayer said asking God’s blessing, and sometimes, they bless the water with already blessed holy water. Though I’m not too sure if water blessed by the modern ritual could be used for exorcism, they are still widely use for blessing people, houses and items.

I personally keep a jar of holy water with a rosary by my window alongside sacks and jars of salt. But since I personally blessed it using the old ritual, I would not be too sure if they would work in case of a demon invasion. Never the less, if you would want to try blessing water yourself, you can try the Catholic Tool‘s webpage.

Be it keeping us safe from the evil, or just looking cool by the window, the holy water has been a big part of real world. But we’re here because we’re fans *I’m not even catholic fyi*, and we know the holy water serves an even greater role in the world of Supernatural. Saving lives, kicking asses, torturing demons and wetting our boys for summer.

gifs mine supernatural dean winchester Priceless Jensen Ackles spn his face Igifs mine supernatural dean winchester Priceless Jensen Ackles spn his face I





My first Wacky Wednesday entree. It fits perfectly since it’s a test post, where i’m just trying to figure things out….

But on a regular basis, Wacky Wednesday will be the random blog post about anything under the geek and nerd sun. Be it the latest science news or dorky fashion, you’ll find a mix and match of everything under this roof.

Can I make a confession? I do not know why the first episodes of all TV shows *or at least most* are called Pilot. 

We all know we can search google for it in two seconds, but to make things fun in this test post (since I do not have any idea what works and what does not here), let me theorize here by myself while I insert random stuff around.

My first and most probable theory is that since we say “We’re on air.”, the first episode is the “Pilot” taking the show for a “test drive”. I think it makes sense. What does not makes sense to me is why the Tv producers insist on using terms from Aerodynamics. If I’ll make a fun guess, I’ll say it’s because she/he always wanted to become a pilot but failed. Yep, that was a pretty stupid theory of me.

Talking about being stupid, I sometimes wish it was legal to behead stupid people, Supernatural style. Fast, swift, and pretty extremely cool. But I’ll probably be dead before I could do much if that was the case….


IT WORKS. hmmm let me try an audio next.


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Up next, the poll.

I was always confused how the word “poll” should be pronounced. I kind of pronounce it like “pole” but I think the “o” should have a shorter sound. I’m no so sure.

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Screen shots look good. Yes. Though I’m not a huge Destiel Shipper, I did mention I do enjoy subtexts.



I love subtext much more than actual romance. Sorry. No chick flick moments please.  Just never ending hints *that kills us inside*. TALKING ABOUT HINTS, DEAN’S SMILE WHILE TALKING TO CAS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WHILE.

smile 9.18



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9.18 was a memorable episode, both in a good and a bad way. Meta Fiction will definitely get a blog entry to itself, probably this favorite friday. Be prepared for lots and lots of gifs.


Any how, this has been a great test flight. Sorry for all the rambling, since this was not even meant to actually go online. Well, it did, and I’m not sure how many of you would actually read this… I do not even know what to call it. Just please do not draw any conclusions from this. I’m not usually this stupid…. I hope….


I hope I’ll be back with much more productive things next time!