About Us

We’re geeky. We’re nerdy. We’re dorky.

Being a geek is a blessing. We are gifted with a vivid imagination, a ridiculous empathy, a heartwarming dedication and unfaltering loyalty. We can cry for days to the death of our favorite characters, or shut tumblr down with never ending fan babbles. Being a nerd is great too. Our ways with numbers, our attention to details, our persistence in research and our knack for logic gets us through life with ease. We practically rule the modern world, where science and technology is a necessity. But being a geek and a nerd at the same time is more of a… curse. The shows you watch does not end in your television screen. But rather, you’ll have to figure out every scientific concept and further study about it. A fiction book night is usually followed by weeks of both historical and scientific researches and debates, with no conclusion to either topics. When you fangirl, just appreciating the character isn’t enough either. After memorizing every detail (Sam, by the way, is a Taurus) you’ll go ahead and analyze them further and have a complete study report (and I believe he is a victim of depression and refusing to exist.). Our lives are a messy mixture of cold intellectuality and warm empathy. We think and feel too much at the same time, and that isn’t pretty nor easy. Then, to top all these, we are dorky. Be it our awkward social skills or just simple dislike of people, we do not fit in to most daily lives. We understand completely what the society demands from us, but what we do not understand is why they demand such things. We are the ultimate rebels today’s work just by being a… dork. Though life is a big ball of blur with too much details and incomprehensible social demands for us, we go ahead and continue being who we are anyways. This little blog is everything you can expect from being a outcast genius.

Whether you are a geek, a nerd, a dork, or mix of all three in odd ratios, you came to the right place. We’ll unravel the sciences and truths behind beautiful world of fiction in style -our style.  To the curious by standers, be warned. We are kinda weird.

Welcome to the life of an Outcast Genius.


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