It’s Easter Sunday around the world, and Senti Sunday in my blog. I knew this post had to be something extra especially and sad, preferably a topic that could be related to Easter Sunday. Though my original plan before I realize the occasion for today’s post was Sherlock Holmes, I decided another Supernatural discussion wouldn’t hurt. After all, what fiction covers sacrificial death and resurrection as good as the bible than Supernatural? After deciding on the fandom, I was contemplating on whose death I should talk about. Obviously, Bobby had the most dramatic death scene, which left most of us sobbing. But unfortunately, he isn’t back with us, which would beat the purpose of this post. Though Sammy’s 2nd death in the Swan Song (5.22) would have been ideal, it just hasn’t sentimental enough. It was one of those deaths where the characters were too busy saving their own ass and the world to feel the lost and grieve. I needed a death that was sacrificial, dramatic and would be proven wrong. I needed….


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