S.S. Sammy Showdown; Sabriel vs. Samifer

Sammy has always been my all-time favorite character ever since Pilot (1.1). So obviously, my first Solo Saturday had to be about him. Though I originally was planing to go for a complete character profile and analysis, I have decided to save that for later, and spice things up in this post. So today, we will discuss hot, sexy slash shippings of Sam with hottest angels on earth (well, heaven and hell as well actually, but you know.)

Samuel C. Winchester is definitely one of the best lovers in the show. If we can look past the fact that everyone he ever loved or loved him dies, he is a sweet, caring, emphatic, smart, good-looking, righteous and an agreeable character. Though he can use some anger management class, that’s the reason we ship him with two of the most powerful angels in the universe; Gabriel and Lucifer.


Sam is the submissive one in any relationship, romantic or not. Be it with Jessica, Dean, or Ruby, he is an obedient puppy whose main goal is to please his master. He may not act like it (or at least he hides it in the latter seasons), but beneath all those muscles, he is a big softy who frequently gets lost. So that’s where Gabriel and Lucifer come in. We, the fandom, know by heart that Sam was meant to be with those two. Just that we haven’t decided which among the two he belongs with. I realized that I would have to decide on a shipping before I go insane.

The reason it’s so hard to decide on a pair must be because Gabe and Luci aren’t all that different. Both Gabriel and Lucifer are the controlling sort. Quite obviously, they both like to be in charge and play god (literally actually). So if Sam is looking for a master, he will get one by being with them. Though there is a possibility of Sam burning out if the angels do not lay it back a bit, over all, they the perfect angels to guide Sam through the relationships. They obviously are both obsessed with Sam, but who wouldn’t be? However, it is sweet to watch how they try so hard for Sammy’s sake, in their own little ways. Be it through Mystery Spot (3.11) or Swan Song (5.22), we can see how they care so much for the giant Winchester and really, truly wants the best for him. They do have a sick, twisted way of expressing their love, but Sam is the type that is willing to look past the technicalities and gently show them how it is to really show love. Having said that, Sam is just too serious and tensed up. This makes him go well with these playful angels, who can teach him a thing or two about having fun. Let’s just hope that this time, they’ll allow him some rest in between.

Having run through the similarities, we can now analyze the differences.

Let’s start with our trickster, Gabriel. Gabriel is loads of fun. He enjoys enjoying like no one else, to the point of making it his career after running away from heaven. He is the type of partner who could always find ways to ease the mood up, which Sam seriously needs. He’s sensitive and can easily read people, though he prefers to use it against them in a “funny” trick. But the ability itself is something Sam would appreciate, being so sensitive and empathetic himself. He needs someone who can understand why he feels that way, and Gabriel got it covered. When it comes to the brains, Gabe ain’t a fool either. Sharp and cunning, he can match Sam’s intellect, be it in a prank off or just a causal debate. If anything, Gabe is a lot like Dean. His style, sense of humor or his way of affection is a lot like the older Winchester, probably another reason why Sam seems to fit right along side him. But unlike Dean, Gabe has his romantic sweet side, which Sam could enjoy. As for Gabriel, Sam wouldn’t mind giving his portion of dessert, making them a perfect couple.

Though he seems like an angel who could not care less, Gabriel is righteous by heart. He wants peace more than anything, and even bailed out of heaven to avoid all the fighting. The ideals and morals of Sam and Gabe a similar in many ways, though Gabe is overall more flashy and easygoing. All they want in their life is to fit in, and move on. Something they can do together. But as we all know, Gabe isn’t an angel to just sit at the sidelines. He’s an archangel, and a pretty badass one as well. Though having been under his personal “witness protection” for god knows how long, once he made up his mind to fight, he was one hell of a warrior with his wit, tricks and sheer power. He is something Sam can definitely use having around, knowing how Sam can’t stay out of trouble even for a night. Sam tends to be self-loathing, while Gabe loves himself from head to toe. Gabe can teach a lesson or two in accepting yourself, and being as frank as he is, he can finally show how amazing Sam is. Gabe  is an angel who can give Sam enough freedom be who he is, while bringing out the best in him.


But no one, even angels, is perfect, and Gabriel has his own flaws. To start with, Gabe ego plus Sam stubbornness spells disaster. Gabriel is one proud individual who would never back down to a challenge. He takes pride in himself and his style, and once his ego is targeted, he will strike hard and aggressively. Though Sam is sensitive enough to avoid such situation, in case he does get fed up with Gabe’s games, he would be too stubborn to back down as well. A fight between these two could go wrong in so many levels, and these overly sensitive couple would further get hurt at the idea that they fought. Secondly, Gabe’s style is just too different with Sam’s. Sure, Sam had dealt with the crude jokes, pointless pranks, and countless of flirting all his life, but it isn’t something he enjoys. If anything, Sam wants Dean to have some sense, and adding this senseless “stylish” angel to his life might just drive him mad. On the other hand, Sam will also pull Gabriel down, preventing him from completely enjoying himself. Though a leash on Gabe might be a great idea, it just is not possible. Gabriel is a free soul, a rebel even before we knew angels could rebel. He needs his fun, but a typical trickster style prank would definitely boil down to an unhappy couple. When Sam would want to be curled up with a book, Gabe would want to be out partying. An ideal date for Sam might be a quiet picnic, while Gabe would definitely go for the strip club. There is just no way these two could agree on something, unless a huge sacrifice is made by the other.

That’s why Luci is here. Lucifer is more toned down in his manners, preferring class over style. He is still easy-going and fun, and has that crude sense of humor that can make anything a joke. Even then, Luci would prefer an evening date at a 5 star hotel over a crowded dance floor, which suits Sam’s taste just fine. They would both enjoy a fancy dinner over the candle lights, with a civil debate on why the world does or doesn’t have to end.Lucifer is a smooth talker, who is agreeable as long as he is calm and in his senses. He is the type that can make the world ending seem like a good thing (literally), and Sam can use some encouraging in lots of things, for example, his self-worth. He is smart and cunning as the devil should be, which can be good and bad at the same time. As long as Sam can check on Luci to make sure he isn’t scheming to wipe out humanity, Luci’s intellect can be extremely attractive to Sam. Lucifer is the angel that would appreciate Sam’s geeky side, without being too geeky himself. Once Luci is interested, he is mature, dedicated and passionate. He would do anything under and over the sun to achieve his goal.


Though Lucifer generally not the sympathetic type, no one knows Sam better than him, especially since he rode Sam’s ass to hell. (Yep, that came out wrong.) Luci understands Sam better than anyone else in the world, and maybe even knows the sides of Sam that he himself doesn’t.  Unlike Dean who doesn’t know how Sam works, just how Sam is, Luci knows what makes Sam ticks.  Though he can and does use this against Sam, it can be of a great advantage as well. Being stubborn, Sam needs someone who can play him along with out himself even knowing. As long as given enough attention, Lucifer would use his knowledge and power over Sam for Sam’s own good. He can be gentle and sympathetic when he wants to be, which Sam could use having around. Growing up in a rough, “deal with your own emotions” kind of environment, having someone to baby him might be a great change. He has enough spunk to match Sam’s own, and they both would understand each others acts of rebel. But unlike Sam who wants to fit in, Lucifer knows how to shine. Luci can make Sam understand it’s a great thing to be different, and maybe even teach him how to use it to his advantage. A relationship between these two would be passionate, smart, easy-going and classy.

Sadly, as perfect as Lucifer seems, he still is the Devil. Lucifer can be self-righteous, which can drive the righteous Sam mad. A heated discussion on humanity can turn ugly. A fight between these two might end up with a dead Sam, Lucifer being impulsive and hot-headed. Don’t worry, with a snap of a finger, Luci can bring Sam back to life, and start working on lifting his mood. As the older brother of Gabriel, his tricks can be a lot worse than the younger angel. It could drive Sam crazy, and it kind of did in season 7. Lucifer is controlling with a capital C, and can suffocate Sam if not careful. He wants everything his way, and Sam could not do anything about it. He is also jealous and possessive, and needs attention 24/7. This is not something I’m sure if Sam can provide, and once he does fail to do so, it will cause him a lot. The last time Sam didn’t provide enough attention to Luci almost got him killed. Though not as proud as they claim him to be, Lucifer still has an ego not to be messed with. A showdown between dedicated Lucifer and stubborn Sam would not be a pretty sight, though it won’t be a regular occurrence as well.

Be it Sabriel or Samifer, they both work wonders. Both angels complements our moose, and are powerful enough to be this trouble maker’s guardian angels. Even in canon, they care a lot for Sam, and in fanfics, they do much more *winks*. Though both can be a destructive relationship if handled carelessly, they can also improve Sam in ways no one else can.

I personally still haven’t decided between Sabriel and Samifer. Never the less, I’m praying that both Lucifer and Gabriel will still have their roles in the episodes to come. Sam deserves that happy ending unheard of in Supernatural, and either Lucifer or Gabriel can provide it.

Which ship are you rooting for? Do you believe in the sweet, idealistic Sabriel where they complement each other, or in passionate, classy Samifer, where they are as good as one?



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